A Letter to My Other Half

For you, the one who’s been standing beside me for years,

For you, the one who’s been holding me closely for years,

For you, the only one that makes me feel beautiful,

The only one that make my heart’s beating so fast,

Happy Birthday, My Half Soul..

Thanks for being born into this world and found me among the millions.

Thank you, and wish we have all the good time in the world. Together ’till the death tears us apart.

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4 Reason Why You Need Good Contents for Your Website

In this era, where almost everyone loves reading anything’s being posted online, having websites that only sell products isn’t enough. You may have a good e-commerce site, but if you have ambitions to get more customers, building its contents will bring more advantages.

Still feeling unsure? Here are 4 reasons why you need good contents for your websites. Check them out.

  1. They Bring More Customers

For a business that solely based on the online market, more traffics means more money. Good contents will serve as a bait to get more customers to visit your websites. While you getting more traffics, you can turn those visitors into buyers.

  1. Good Contents Could Serve as A Nice Catalog

Say you have a furniture online shop. You’ve built your website to showcase your wonderful collections. But because you are a new shop in town, you don’t get many visitors. How could you make people aware of your existence? A catalog!

A traditional catalog will be boring right? You could fill your websites with contents that explain every collection and help your prospect customers in choosing the right one for them. They will serve as a nice catalog.

  1. The Power of Share

Sharing articles and information are typical lifestyles nowadays. Every time people encounter an article they like or agree on, they tend to share it on their social media accounts. This is where the power of share will help you in growing your business. Every time someone shares the contents on your website, it will open more opportunities for you to find new costumers. It will be a good marketing, right?

  1. They Make Your Shop Looks Credible

While the quality of the products your shop has is important, gaining the trust from your costumers is also crucial. Having good contents that have correlations with your products will show your visitors that you do know what you are selling. This will make your shop looks more credible than another shop that contains no information other than the products. Again, every good content means bring more prospective customer.

So, what are you waiting for? Build your contents right now, or let us help you!